Fill out your information

You can return items that you have purchased from us.

On this page you can get a new return slip and print a return label for your return package. This return slip is completed with all your information and attached in the box next to the item you wish to return. 

If you want another item, this can be ordered via our webshop on a new order, so we can send the new order as soon as possible.

1. Order and print your return slip, as well as return label, so you can send items back

2. Attach the completed return slip inside the box and put the return label on the outside of the package

3. Deliver in your nearest Parcel Shop - Remember to get a receipt!

4. The package is now sent back to us

5. We credit the amount within 10 working days and set off 12 EURO for the use of a return label


The Badminton-Shop

Printer required. You will get your return slip as a PDF file, that you have to print yourself.




Your return slip and shipping label are ready.

Follow the instructions below and get your shipment ready.


Print the return slip, fill it out and put it in your return package. Tape the package well, so it doesn’t get opened during shipping.


Print the shipping label and tape it to your package. Please don’t tape over the bar code as it may affect the delivery process.


Your return is ready for shipping now. Drop it off at the closest Post Office or locker.