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  1. Download and print

    This return document contains both your shipping label and return slip. Please download and print the return document.


    Cut along the dotted line to separate the return slip and the shipping label.

    Don't have access to a printer?

    Simply present the QR code below when handing in your package. The QR code has also been sent to your email.


    Don't have access to a printer?

    Simply write the numerical code on the package.

  2. Prepare the package

    Pack your return items and, possibly, the return slip in your return packaging. Make sure the package is packed securely and according to the carrier's requirements.

    Affix the shipping label to the largest, flat surface of the package. Ensure that your shipping label is legible and do not cover the barcode with tape.

  3. Hand in your package

    Drop off the package at a parcel shop. Find your nearest here.