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Start your return

You can return the goods that you have bought from us. On this page you can order a return slip. The return slip and your package label will also be sent to your specified e-mail address.

Once we have received your return package, our customer service will process it as quickly as possible. If your return order meets the conditions for return, we will make sure to refund your purchase. The amount will be refunded to the same payment card with which the goods were purchased.

Once we have received your package, you will get the money refunded within 10 working days. The shipping costs for using our return label are 0 EUR for clothing and 6 EUR for all other products from french addresses. We deduct the amount from the money you get refunded.

Write to for the return price from addresses that are not in France.

Exchange an item

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send an item back and get the item back in a different size. This is because the item may be sold out in the meantime. We therefore recommend that you send your return item back and place a new order for the correct size.

You also have the option of bringing the receipt/order confirmation together with the product to be exchanged to our store at Amager strandvej 130N Copenhagen.

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  1. Return slip

    Download, print, and fill in the return slip.

  2. Prepare the package

    Pack your return items and the return slip in your return packaging. Make sure the package is packed securely and according to the carrier's requirements.

  3. Shipping label

    Download and print your shipping label.


    Affix the shipping label to the largest, flat surface of the package. Ensure that your shipping label is legible and do not cover the barcode with tape.

    Don't have access to a printer?

    Simply present the QR code below when handing in your package. The QR code has also been sent to your email.


    Don't have access to a printer?

    Simply write the numerical code on the package.

  4. Hand in your package

    Drop off the package at a parcel shop. Find your nearest here.